Kinguin says: Below you'll find my grand army, jewel of my great kingdom!


Dunn really do anything around here.
Dark times cloud the skies of the anime and manga community. They need a hero, a legend. One who will stand up to the dark forces of shitty speedsubbing. One to battle the evils of Fail. The Gods choose their reluctant champion. They bestowed upon him the legendary weapon: The Wacom of Fucking Awesome.

He raised a grand army of likeminded individuals, the gods named it AnCo. Every day he can be seen at the frontline mowing down the forces of ShitScans and FailSubs.


Moving Picture Maker (Encoder~)
I applied to be mascot for the group but I failed their test. Apparently I needed boobs and pantsu. I had to settle for making videos of boobs and pantsu for them instead. :<


Anime Division Leader
Plagued by misfortune as of late, Tragic squanders his time to care for AnCo's anime division. Described by Red as an "Otaku with a life." Tragic, no?

In all seriousness, I'm just a dude who has been around AnCo since it's old days. Somehow, things went right, worked my way to being a staff member and now I'm here. I like Subaru (<3 WRX), music, automobila, games, animu, mango, and the ladies. My weekends typically consist of AnCo, partying, and stuff you probably don't care about.


I left Japan in August of 2009 and it looks like I might be going back again in August of 2010. I'd like some more freelance TL jobs, too. Supplementary income, please!


Editor and Friend
I'm a struggling recently graduated college student trying to make ends meet and trying to edit manga at the same time. I don't really like anime or manga but I can somewhat edit things... it just takes a lot of time. I hope you guys enjoy the releases that anco does and keep downloading.

Have fun in your life while you still can.


Admin (I also work as Main editor for Buttobi CPU)
Hello All, I am one of the other Admins. (the one that doesn't do anything, or so I am told. :) ) I mostly work trying to keep the peace in the forum and also a Full time editor for Buttobi CPU (whenever it gets translated that is) and I also work on some of the other manga you see us release. We hope to see you join our friendly forum.

I like long walks on the beach, pizza, Guild Wars and a nice set of boobage. (not necessarily in that order) And also, the Ears are a permanent fixture on my head.


I'm the Encoder for AnCo^2, I usually do most of the encode work for them since I like the way they work and the series they chose

I'm actually pretty lazy


Manga editor
Mytho, short for Mythopœikon, is a consumated digital artist, winner of several international graphic awards, including "Best reason not to meet a deadline and get along with it" and his worldwide acclaimed: "let's use a weird font type for starters"

He actually resides in Ginebra waiting to see if some hot chick picks him up and invites him a gin'n tonic instead of the all too familiar wild sex...tant smashed through his skull (owie T_T)


the editor (on study leave)
Well, I am the friendly neighbourhood editor... who is currently out of the hood. I am at the moment dedicating my soul and life to the one and only Mr HSC, the university entrance exam of Sydney (Australia). WISH ME LUCK!

At the end of 2010 November I should be back in full throttle! In the meantime, hope you enjoy AnCo's super awesome releases!


The quiet one



Senior Translator
From the UK, lived in Japan for half a decade, now in Canada.

Likes: all variety of videogames.
Dislikes: "kicking reason to the curb" and other bullshit out of place colloquial slang.

Come join me on Monster Hunter! Me am bowgun hunt!


I'm from England and like anime and all that jazz.

Around here I edit & do text stuff for manga and signs for the animes.

If I was a more interesting person I could write some good stuff here.


Here could be your advertising!

Lord Kinguin Beerbelly

King! (Mascot >_>)
Why salute to you my friends, my name is Lord Kinguin Beerbelly, great ruler of the kingdom of AnCo! Thngs I like are.. Beer, hawt girl-penguins (so know any give her my number), cosplay, and my human buddy Red.

Well, I do hope you like your stay here in my grand kingdom! >:F


When I'm not making sure things are spelled right and sound as natural as possible in Engrish I like to brew my own beer. Oh, and if you see a spelling error, that's my bad, champ.


Started at AnimeCouncil^2 with actually very little knowledge in editing (and I'm pretty sure its shows very well lol), though over the course of my period being here I think I've gotten at least a little bit better.
Oh and if you need something (like a 'patch' or similar) for a program just ask me on IRC ;P


Editor, Proofreader, Resident GIMP Guy
What should I put here? I don't really know myself. I do graphic and textual editing; I also assistant QC.

Beyond that, I'm doing one of 4 things (generally): (internet|school-work|eat|sleep)


Having lived in Japan from 2004 to the present date my skills involve everything from animation directing to the very basics of script writing and storyboarding, both in English and Japanese. Recently graduating from Yoyogi Animation Gakkuin one of Japan's leading Animation schools I am currently making preparations to head back to Canada and make animation history.


Proofreader, Editor-in-training
I'm a soon-to-be Nursing student who just happens to love art. I also love anime, though you couldn't tell by looking at me in real life. I like all kinds of anime, but my mind is currently occupied by Hetalia and Zeta Gundam.
I plan on minoring in Russian and am really into Russian Lit. If you ever want to chat it up about Dostoevsky, Solzhenitsyn or Chekhov, you know who to talk to.

Kinguin says: My fallen troops lies here, may they rest in peace!

Nick Position Reason
plasmacaster Admin, QC, Proofreader, General Father Figure Life I guess, we're awaiting his return!
Kashimir Translator Dude where did you go? D;
Carnage Editor Not doing his job right.
Sleepyjackle Editor Gone, got a life I guess.
alfi Distro Gone, i dunno. =_=
dark_templar Encoder On...vacation? Maybe? >_>
Nukito TLC and Backup Translator Banned to hell.