What we need ^^,

Manga Division:

Buttobi CPU:
Translator or co-translator needed.

Unless you are a perfectionist and REALLY awesome, don't bother. And be sure to send us something you've edited.
- Red
IRC: #AnCo@IRC.highway.net

Anime Division:
Capper: I know these are impossible to find, but yeah, wanna join you're welcome. We're tired of waiting days for .ts raws to show up.

Translators are welcome, but we really don't have much work for you, might be able to help out with TLC.

AFX dude is needed.

Come talk to us at IRC: #AnCo-Recruits@irc.rizon.net

Last updated: 27/07/2010

Contact [Red] at: AnimeCouncil [at] gmail.com (Fill in the form below),
IRC: or send him a PM at the forum.

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