Kinguin says: All dumb questions are answered here!

1. What's AnCo^2?

...Made of fucking awesome.

(Meaning we're the greatest scanlation and fansub group around.)

2. Why is AnCo^2 not scanlating series XXXX anymore?

Could be for a couple of reasons, like the series gets licensed in America or not
enough motivation to do it(ie people aren't really reading it). The reason should be
posted for the project though.

3. Do you scanlate manga that is licensed in America?

Yeah, kinda, if the interest is there.

4. Can I have your RAWs?

NO. Simply no. So stop asking.

5. I see on the main page that I can donate, what do donations go toward?

The cost for hosting the site.

6. Can I upload your releases to my website?

Yes, if you credit us, and link to our site.
(And please give us a call about it so we can check it out)

7. Does AnCo^2 have any set standards when they release manga?

Strive for perfection, and be better than the english licensors in every way.

8. Mind explaining the different jobs?

Translator - Translate japanese to english.

Proofreader - Take that translation and turning it into good/better english.

Editor - All the Photoshop work.

Sub Editor job: Cleaner - Cleaning every page and turning it into a textless page ready for Typesetting.

Sub Editor job: Typesetter - Adding text to the bubbles, and doing minor SFXs

Sub Editor job: SFX/Redrawer: The guy who does the more advanced redrawing, like merging doublepages, and harder SFXs.

Quality Control: Finding errors in a RC Chapter, everything from Script errors to editing errors.

Distro: Distribution and release of the chapter.

9. What do you guys read your manga with?

CDisplay, its by far the greatest one out there for Windows. Please send us a mail if you know of a better one. :F

10. Why are you so slow? D:

Shut the fuck up. D:

11. Negima where?! Or other old AnCo projects.

Gone. Forever.

You'll find none of old AnCo's stuff here, we're AnCo^2, totally different group really. Go ask at #animecouncil@irc.rizon.net lololol

12. Where's the tracker link? :<


Have fun, it's a mess. :<