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Annnnddddd we finally have TWGOK finished. We ran into some problems here and there with this episode as usual which caused part of the delay. Our AFXer, Kov, has his computer crash on him and the AFX wasn't meshing right with our video. Once he got his computer running and everything was ready, I wasn't around and no one else could do the release. T__T

On the better side of things, I was across the world in that one little country anime originates from... What was it called again? Oh yeah, Japan. While I was over there, I met up with 2 of the AnCo team members, TLor Silent_K and Proofreader Kaznokrad. The drunken nights and fun that ensued were great. :P

Anyways, this current anime season is nearing it's end (with the 2nd season of KamiNomi half over lolol), and we're considering subbing something in the coming season. If not, you can guarantee we'll be in on the upcoming Fall season. :D

Enough blabbing, enjoy a picture of SK, Kaz and myself at Ikebukuro station (DRR references lololol) and go watch this final episode if you haven't watched it from someone else already. \o/
Submitted by Tragic Date 25/06/2011
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Surprisingly, we're still pulling through to get this out to you guys. We've been really busy especially with Silent_K over in Japan. He's had to survive through earthquakes and even a tsunami (even though he was on the other side of the island xD).

SK also just moved into the Tokyo area, so he's living it up right now while the rest of us are spread around our normal locations on the globe. Anywho, enjoy the final episode of Durarara, brought to you by AnimeCouncil^2.
Submitted by Tragic Date 07/04/2011
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So we finally got SK back and TWGOK11 done. Hopefully we'll have 12 and DRR25 done ASAP as well.

With SK getting prepped for his move to Tokyo, things could have not gotten crazier with the earthquake and tsunami business going on over in Japan. SK is alive and well since he was on the Japan Sea side of the country, but I feel for the rest of Japan.

What does everyone else think about the events in Japan?
Submitted by Tragic Date 14/03/2011
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Here we are with episode 10. A little faster than the last release and let's hope we keep it that way to finish TWGOK off fast. I don't really have much else to say, so leave some comments, download and watch, be satisfied.

Superbowl is today for those in the US, guess I can drink to that. \o/

EDIT 2/22/2011:

For the past week or two, Silent_K (Our TLor if you didn't know) has been pretty busy. He's getting ready to move and has a lot going on related to work and such. He hasn't had time in his schedule to TL the remaining TWGOK episodes, but will when he gets some time. We will finish the series. I can assure you of that. Please wait a little longer everybody ^^;;
Submitted by Tragic Date 07/02/2011

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