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Well, things have been off here at AnCo the past week or two. We had episode 09 ready but our resident AFXer, Kov, was still gone on a trip. Therefore we decided to wait for his return so that we could release it with nice signs rather than do a v2.

Ep10 should be quicker as we already have the TL and I'm timing. We're planning on finishing this if anyone out there is still downloading our slow subs. T__T

Submitted by Tragic Date 30/01/2011
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Uh, so where do I begin..
As you all probably have noticed the manga division haven't been very active for quite some time. We are alive. Well, kinda, I guess. Pretty much life's a bitch for most of the people on the manga division.

The reason we can get anime out is because that doesn't rely totally on me, and pretty much all the manga chapters does. This is the first free-time I've had since last summer, schools taking up way too much of the time I'd want to spend on other things. If you're wondering I'm studying engineering at Uni, and that shit's some serious business.

Well, here's some manga for you all anyway.

Anyone wondering where the GL manga is at, all I can say is that Mytho is taking some time off. (I can't handle it on my own.)
Pretty much the guy was hospitalized for quite a while, and a very close relative passed away so he's taking care of his family, I hope you all understand. GL will be back when Mytho is, and we'd be able to throw those chapters out rather quickly.

So well, we're not dead.

Progress bars will be removed until we start doing shit again.

Peace out bitches. o/
Submitted by [Red] Date 12/01/2011
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Well, I wasn't sure when we were going to get this one out honestly. We're having trouble with our seedbox and our bot supplier (Klipper) hasn't been around. Luckily, our other bot supplier, Torque, has saved the day and allowed us to use his box to get our next TS and seed this release. Cheers to Torque!

We'll try to finish out TWGOK quick for you guys who have been waiting since we ended up so far behind. I really wish that we could have got this to you guys earlier but I didn't push to ask Torque for help, so it's partially my fault. T__T

Happy New Year from all of us at AnimeCouncil^2!

EDIT: I ask you guys not to upload our torrents at places such as Nyaa or TT. We will do it ourselves. Please do not do it again.
Submitted by Tragic Date 31/12/2010
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Okay, here's the 6v2 with fixed audio and episode 7! Better grab it while it's hot everybody. :3

Also, for the time being, we have not found any source of TS's for us to use. For now, we'll be using raws provided by groups such as Zero and Leopard. If you notice a difference in video quality from episode 8 on, there's the culprit. Feel free to notify us of any TS providers or cappers that are willing to help us out though! ;P

I couldn't think of anything clever to put as the headline either. >__>
Submitted by Tragic Date 06/12/2010

Herp derp?

Hurr Durr!
Herpa derpa derp!
Derka derka muhammed jihad :>
Ah, derka derka!

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